About Us


Our mission is to serve as a platform, for Latinos in Minnesota to connect and find everything that they need, as well as a bridge for anyone wanting to join and support our community.


Our vision is a community of Latinos in Minnesota that is more united, informed, integrated, and fully able to flourish in the state.


A Latino-owned company connecting and empowering Latinos in Minnesota. Founded in 2019 as there was an opportunity to organize existing resources for Latinos in a single virtual place as well as to highlight our rich culture and the valuable contributions from our community to the state.


  • Connect Latinos with helpful resources, organizations, events, services, and employers in Minnesota.
  • Help Latino entrepreneurs in Minnesota to promote their services to reach more customers and grow their business.
  • Help employers seeking to hire Hispanic workers in Minnesota to reach more applicants from our community.
  • Highlight Latino people, culture, events, commerce, achievements, and everything else.
  • Act as a bridge for Latinos and non-Latinos that want to connect with and support our community.

Our Philosophy & Values

We believe that a well-connected and informed community is a strong and thriving community. The foundation of our success is based on our positive impact to our community.

  • Positive Attitude – Be part of the solution. Put extra effort in all you do. Everything you do matters. Be a team player.
  • Community First Focus – We care about our community and the environment. We serve and support a local experience. Bring value every day.
  • Innovation – Welcome new ideas. Be a visionary. Work smarter. Always learning and improving.
  • Leadership – The courage to shape a better future. Lead by example. Take action.
  • Collaboration – Work as a team. Leverage the strengths of others. Strive for win-win outcomes.

Kenneth Zuniga, Founder and CEO.

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